Gordon Oldham Appointed Judicial Nomination Commissioner for 6th Judicial Court

Gordon Oldham Appointed Judicial Nomination Commissioner in FLGordon Oldham, Attorney, and Co-Founder of the Pinellas Park-based firm, Oldham & Delcamp, LLC, announces his appointment to the Judicial Nomination Commission for the 6th Judicial Circuit by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Oldham, a native of Leesburg, Florida, had been previously appointed to the position by former Florida Governor Rick Scott.

According to the Florida Bar Association, the purpose of the Judicial Nominating Commissions is to provide a way to choose judges by appointment via a nonpartisan nine-member commission of lawyers and non-lawyers. These Judicial Nominating Commissions, also known as JNCs, identify, recruit, investigate, and evaluate candidates for judicial office. Then, they submit a minimum of three and a maximum of six names of the most highly qualified applicants to the Governor, who must make a final selection from the list.

Five of the nine members of each Judicial Nominating Commission are appointed directly by the Governor, with the Florida Bar sending their nominations to the Governor to fill the remaining four slots.

“It is quite an honor to have been nominated to the Judicial Nominating Commission first by former Governor Rick Scott and then by Governor Ron DeSantis,” Oldham says. “I take this responsibility seriously and work diligently to ensure that the most impartial, competent, and qualified judicial candidates are sent to the Governor for review. I believe in a fair justice system for all Floridians, and my involvement in the Judicial Nominating Commission is one way to achieve that goal. I’m grateful to Governor Ron DeSantis for my reappointment.”

About Oldham & Delcamp, LLC

Before forming Oldham & Delcamp, LLC, Gordon Oldham and Jack Delcamp were business owners and attorneys who worked for various individual and corporate clients. These experienced attorneys recognize that it’s not just your case’s results but your experience throughout the legal process that will make a lasting impact on your case outcome and peace of mind moving forward. At Oldham & Delcamp, LLC, our goal is to provide the most strategic, cost-effective solution for each client’s needs — whether they are injured, accused of a crime, or seeking representation to protect their business and livelihood.

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