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Oldham & Delcamp thoroughly investigates truck accidents, so clients can recover damages from all at-fault parties.

Truck Accidents in Pinellas Park

Dozens of feet long and weighing in at around 80,000 pounds, commercial trucks pose a threat on the roads. If you’ve been in an accident with a commercial truck, you likely have devastating injuries that might require extensive surgeries to treat. It’s even possible that you’ll have to live with some symptoms for the rest of your life and might not be able to go back to work.
A Pinellas Park truck accident lawyer can help you recover damages from the truck driver, trucking company, and other responsible parties. With the right legal strategy, you can receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. The amount you recover can put you on solid financial footing while you work toward your recovery. Filing a claim will also allow you to hold the at-fault parties accountable, so they will not put other people’s lives at risk.

Who Is Liable for Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents aren’t as straightforward as car accidents. Often, numerous parties are liable for the accident. Your Pinellas Park truck accident lawyer will investigate to determine who is at fault. This could include the:


Your Pinellas Park truck accident lawyer will review all available evidence before filing your claim. Truck accidents often provide more evidence than other types of accidents. Your attorney can review dashcam footage and the truck’s event data recorder to reconstruct the accident. Other evidence includes inspection reports, driver logs, and cellphone records.
Your attorney will combine this with police reports, witness statements, and more to determine what occurred during the accident. Then, your attorney will file claims against all at-fault parties to help you recover the maximum amount of damages.


Truck accidents are caused by a variety of factors. Often, the driver is at least partially responsible for the accident. Distracted driving, fatigue, and speeding are common causes of these accidents. Your Pinellas Park truck accident lawyer will hold the driver responsible if he or she caused the accident.
The trucking company can also contribute to the accident. The company might push drivers to break the law to meet impossible deadlines or hire drivers who aren’t certified to haul large loads. They might even fail to do background and driving record checks on the drivers. Other times, the manufacturer is at fault. The manufacturer might have built a defective truck, leading to the accident. These are just some of the reasons for truck accidents. Your attorney must thoroughly investigate your claim to find the cause.


Truck accident lawyers often deal with claims where multiple parties are responsible for the accident. The at-fault parties usually have different insurance companies, so you have to file a claim against each one. Your attorney will ensure that all necessary paperwork is filed so each at-fault party is held responsible. It’s essential to use an experienced Pinellas Park truck accident attorney to make sure that each party is held accountable.


You should speak to a lawyer as soon as possible after a truck accident. If you were injured, you have four years to file a claim. However, if your loved one died due to a truck accident, the statute of limitations is only two years. Contacting an attorney right after the accident will help you meet the filing deadline to recover damages.



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