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Slip and Fall Accidents in Pinellas Park

Slip and fall accidents are often misunderstood. First, many people think that slip and fall accidents don’t lead to serious injuries. However, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and even death are possible after a slip and fall. Second, some believe that the person who falls is responsible for the injury. However, property owners have a duty of care and must address known hazards. If they fail to do so, they can be held responsible for damages.
Along with being misunderstood, these cases are notoriously challenging to prove. You need to hire a Pinellas Park slip and fall lawyer who specializes in this type of case. Oldham & Delcamp has helped numerous victims recover damages over the years. We will gather evidence to support your claim and can take it to trial if needed.

Common Types of Slip and Fall Accidents in Pinellas Park

Oldham & Delcamp has represented numerous slip and fall accident victims. Our Pinellas Park slip and fall lawyers often handle cases related to:


If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, visit a doctor immediately. Your doctor will evaluate your injuries and begin a treatment plan. With proper treatment, you can get your pain under control. Also, this will provide documentation to support your claim.
You also need to gather evidence at the scene of the slip and fall. Take photographs and videos that you can give to your slip and fall accident lawyer. You will also need to file a report. Many businesses require that you report the accident to the management. This will help you create a paper trail, and it will also allow the company to address the hazard so others don’t get hurt.
Finally, contact a Pinellas Park slip and fall lawyer to start building your case. Your attorney will investigate and gather evidence immediately, so you can recover damages.


Because Florida follows the law of pure comparative negligence, you’re still eligible to collect damages if you share some responsibility for the accident. For instance, if you were on your phone when the accident occurred, the other party can argue that you weren’t paying attention to where you were going and share some responsibility. Your Pinellas Park slip and fall lawyer will reconstruct the accident and determine the fault. Then, the attorney will seek damages on your behalf. If you are partially at fault, the damages you can collect will be reduced.
Keep in mind that it’s common for insurance companies to blame victims of slip and fall accidents. Your attorney might discover that you were not responsible at all for the slip and fall. Consult with an attorney before accepting a settlement to ensure that you receive all the money owed to you.


You have to prove that the property owner owed you a duty of care. Then, he or she breached the duty of care by failing to remove hazards. For instance, assume you are eating dinner at a restaurant, and someone spills a drink. The patron notifies the staff of the spill, but they don’t clean it up. You are not aware of the spill, and you slip and fall in it. In this case, the staff knew about the hazard and didn’t address it, so you have a legal claim. Your Pinellas Park slip and fall lawyer will evaluate the evidence to see if your case meets the requirements for a successful claim.


Your Pinellas Park slip and fall lawyer has four years from the date of the accident to file a legal claim. If your case is not filed before the statute of limitations is up, the at-fault party can file a motion to dismiss. Once the case is dismissed, you will not have the opportunity to collect compensation for your injuries. Speak to an attorney immediately after the accident, so he or she can begin the process and file the claim.



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