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Business Law

Whether you are an experienced businessman or an entrepreneur looking to start your first business, Oldham & Delcamp has the tools and experience to help you to succeed.

Oldham & Delcamp has the expertise to formulate the guiding documents for your companies, ensure that it follows relevant regulations for its upkeep, and negotiate (and, if necessary, litigate) business disputes.

We are also able to draft and review contracts for purchases, agreements, and sales. Mr. Oldham has a Masters in Business Administration from University of Central Florida, and ran multiple successful businesses, including a car dealership chain and a commercial real estate company.

Mr. Delcamp has extensive commercial litigation experience in a wide range of activities from civil mediation, evictions, and contract negotiation. Mr. Delcamp is a board certified civil mediator.

No matter what kind of issue arises, Oldham & Delcamp has the experience and skills to resolve your current issues and help avoid future ones.

Business Formation

Every new business starts with a dream. In order to properly protect that dream and to give an entrepreneur access to the full range of tools available to facilitate that dream, and protect their personal assets, many new businesspersons choose to form a corporation or partnership.

Each of these business entities provides specific asset protection, lax liabilities, and benefits to their owners. Determining which type of business entity is appropriate to help you fulfill your dream is something Oldham & Delcamp would love to assist you with.

The most common types of business entities are:

General Partnerships:
General Partnerships are partnerships between two or more parties. Each partner shares personal responsibility and liability for the business. A “sole proprietorship” is a partnership with only one partner, and remains fully liable for the business from a legal and tax perspective. In either type of entity, your assets are not protected.

When a corporation is created, it creates a distinct legal entity with completely different legal and tax status from its owners. Different kinds of corporations have different limitations, but are generally used to dissociate the risk of operating a business from a party’s personal assets.

Report their own profits and shareholder dividends. They are required to hold annual meetings and record meeting minutes. A C-Corporation has no limit on the number or type of shareholders.

Owners report their share of profits and losses in the company on their personal tax returns. S-Corporations are required to hold annual meetings and record minutes from those meetings. They have limits on the number of shareholders, all of whom must be U.S. citizens or residents.

Limited Liability Companies (LLC):
Limited Liability Corporations create an independent legal entity from their owner(s). They are subject to tax similar to a sole proprietorship or a partnership. There is no limit to the number of owners, but they are governed by their operating agreements.

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP):
Limited Liability Partnership create an independent legal entity from their owners, but taxes are still a personal responsibility of the owners. LLP can be used to denote how much of the business a partner owns. Ownership of the business does not have to be equal, so an LLP may allow a partner who invests more money to receive a greater share of the profits.

Each entity not only offers a different spectrum of protections but is also associated with some requirements that must be met to continue to operate as that kind of entity. Our trial lawyers is able to ensure that your business is able to produce the necessary documents to continue those protections and remain in good standing.

Dispute Resolution:

In a perfect world, each party in a contract would fully preform each action required of them. In the real world, many businesses fail to uphold their end of a contract, which can cause problems for you if you relied on them.

In some cases, these failures are accidental and when brought to the attention of those responsible they take actions to rectify them of their own volition. Sometimes, however, they choose not to. In those circumstances, Oldham & Delcamp is able to provide assistance.

Oldham & Delcamp has years of experience dealing with commercial disputes. Whether it is a breach of contract, disagreement over the interpretation of a contract, or a failure to preform, our trial attorney can help to rectify the situation through discussion, negotiation, and if necessary, mediation. Each of these options is a tool that can be used to avoid commercial litigation, an expensive and exhausting process.

Oldham & Delcamp is also available to consult ahead of time in order to avoid common issues that arise during business deals. We can review contracts in order to determine their legal validity, enforceability, to spot any loopholes or ambiguous clauses, and to protect your interests.

Commercial Litigation

While pre-suit negotiation is a valuable tool, it is far from the only one. Mr. Oldham and Mr. Delcamp are experienced civil litigators, with many years of experience in a courtroom.

Sometimes the only solution is to have your day in court and get the judge to rule in your favor. Our trial attorney excels highlighting the relevant evidence and laws in order to achieve success in the courtroom. Our customer-focused priorities give us an enhanced ability to bring the human element to the table during court proceedings.

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