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Category: Personal Injury

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Being the “at fault” driver

If you have ever been involved in a Florida car accident, you know that one or more drivers will likely be assigned fault at the scene and ticketed by law enforcement. Most drivers are aware that the rear driver in a rear end collision is typically at fault. In fact,...
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Chain Reaction and Multi-Vehicle Collisions

A multi-vehicle collision, also called a “pile-up” or “chain reaction accident” involves three or more vehicles. Usually these begin when two vehicles collide and other vehicles on the road cannot avoid the incident because they are unable to stop in time or otherwise...
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What to do after a hit and run accident

Hit and run accidents are unfortunately common in Florida, but many drivers and pedestrians are not informed on what to do following the incident. Being a victim of an accident is shocking and having the other driver flee the scene is even more unsettling, which often...
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Hit and Run Accidents: facts vs. fiction

1) Victims of a hit and run accident may seek restitution from the other driver FICTION: Restitution is generally not available in a leaving the scene of an accident case where the other driver is criminally charged. Restitution may be available if the victim can show...
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